Win it all

img_4057Today is Wednesday October 26 2016. We all are winners. We got the biggest reward ever made. We got the reward to live out our purpose that is designated for each one of us. God made us and we can be the best we can
with Him.




Today is the first day of December. I wonder what today will bring. Well let’s see today went to work it was a short day. It was chilly and then got hot in the back room. I so glad to be alive. Today is WORLD AIDS DAY.


Today is Saturday November 26, 2016. We all need our father or father like figures. They can protect us. They can teach us how a real man should treat us as a Queen instead of a piece of trash. We need to love and cherish them.


Today is Saturday November 26, 2016. We all need our moms or mom like figures to teach us how to nurture and care. We need them to be there to listen and give us advice. But most of all we need to love them and cherish them. 

I Decided

Today is Thursday November 10, 2016. I decided to be me. I decided to follow God. I decided to be real. I decided to live. I decided to follow my dreams. I decided to keep my head up. 

Be You

Today is Wednesday November 9 2016. Just be you. Don’t change yourself to please others. Be the best you can be. Keep yourself around positive people.

Time to wait 

Today is Monday November 7 2016.  So today I got up early and then next thing I know I have to wait. God tells us to wait on Him. He knows what is best for you. Just wait God got this. 


Today is Saturday November 5 2016. I’m officially done with that chapter in my life. I deserve better and no more settling for less. I’m going to do me and be blessed and not stressed. 


Today is Friday November 4 2016. Four is a number. For can mean for you or for instance. But I wonder why is there two spellings for your the word. Well just I will never know.